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What We Do
Sales Have Never Been This Strong!

Our design team will produce the most creative and attention getting advertising in order to give you the highest customer response. Rush Hour Events handles everything from beginning to end and you will approve all final ads.

Rush Hour takes pride in developing some of the most cutting edge promo pieces ever created. Our unique abilities allow us to reach more customers through a variety of methods such as radio, TV, newspaper, telemarketing, emails and text-messaging. Unleash one of our hard-hitting marketing campaigns and let the difference begin.

Our #1 goal is to always be invited back for future business. As important as cars sold, gross profit generated and the overall result of the sale is to our clients, the most important aspect of an event is having the dealer’s best interest at heart and doing business the exact way the store currently does with respect to the customers and the community.

A client’s wants and needs are to uphold the great reputation their store has. We implement backstops and take extra precautionary measures to ensure your reputation and CSI is as strong if not stronger at the conclusion of our event. We pride ourselves on full transparency and working seamlessly together with the home to ensure great comradery and an overall better sales experience.
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