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Choosing the right time to sell

Most people prefer the spring or summer months to move. So the market can start heating up as early as February. This is especially true of families with children, so they can move during the summer vacation and be settled before the new school year starts. The market can still be busy into the fall. But traditionally November and December have been the slow months. The holidays are the primary reasons, but also, because most people do not like showing their houses in the winter months.

If you are one of the few people that might want to get a head start on the market and put your house up for sale in the winter, keep a few things in mind.
  • Showing your house can be messy with people trudging inside with their boots possibly covered with snow, mud and salt. And the salt can damage your carpet and wood floors.
  • The buyer won’t be able to get a totally accurate picture of the landscaping, if any. And sometimes beautiful yards help sell a home.
There might be some advantages to selling in the winter in order to be one of the first houses listed and shown for the new-year, but most buyers prefer to relocate in the warmer months.