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Monica Klinke
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114 N. Oak Park Avenue
Oak Park, IL 60301

  • Has a confident, fun-loving approach to life
  • Consistently ranked among the top-producing Realtors at Gloor Realty
  • Enjoys helping people move into their first home, accumulate equity, and then move into their second home

About Me
When Monica became a Realtor in 2002 with Gloor Realty, it was really a done deal.

A decade earlier, she and husband Bob bought their Oak Park home with the stellar assistance of a Gloor Realtor. Ever since, Monica had told friends that she’d be working for the firm some day.

Of course,Gloor Realty’s second and third-generation leaders, Rich Gloor Sr. and Rich Gloor, hadn’t gotten the news right away.

“When I interviewed with them, I said, `I’ve been telling everyone that I’d be working for you,’” she recalls with a chuckle. “`So I thought it would be in my best interest that I come and tell you.’”

The same confident, fun-loving approach to life, which had served Monica well professionally and personally to that point, has likewise been a boon in her real estate journey. From the start, she has consistently ranked among the top-producing Realtors at Gloor Realty.

Even a cursory review of Monica’s biography reveals her adventurous real estate-related destiny. Quite literally from the get-go, she’s been on the move.

Half of a surprise set of twin girls (Lisa is the other), she was born during the Blizzard of 1967 at West Suburban Hospital in Oak Park. Their father was wrapping up his college degree in aeronautical engineering and on the verge of beginning work with a company in California. So Monica and Lisa never actually settled in Oak Park, as they were immediately whisked off to their grandparents’ home in Elgin, Illinois.

Over the years, as a child and later as a young adult, she lived in California, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Indiana and Illinois.

Along the way, in the 5th grade, she revealed an early passion for checking out the latest in real estate trends. Monica would take friends with her to look inside homes that were under construction in her Rochelle, Ill. subdivision—in one case leading to a minor, innocent run-in with authorities!

After graduating from the University of Iowa with a degree in Communications and English literature, Monica worked in a variety of wide-ranging positions. They included serving as an advertising account executive for a newspaper and a radio station, as a physician recruiter at West Suburban Hospital, and, after her children were born, as a licensed home daycare provider.

It was all preamble to a career that she dreamed of pursuing since childhood. And the reality has more than measured up to what she imagined. What Monica most enjoys about her Realtor work is forming relationships with clients who quickly become friends.

“In many cases, I’m helping people move into their first home, accumulate equity, and then move into their second home,” says Monica. “It’s very rewarding to see people grow and their families expand. Plus, seeing the beautiful houses in this area is a privilege. I really enjoy the history and architecture.”

An avid tennis player, Monica enjoys cooking, gardening and volunteering at St. Giles School in Oak Park, where her children, Liz and R.J., have been students