Rush Hour Events
Rush Hour Events is the Nation’s superior Super Sale and Direct Mail Marketing Company. The sole mission of our company is to take your dealership to the next level by providing the most effective and responsive marketing available. When coupling our strategic marketing with elite sales professionals determined to produce clean and unprecedented results, Rush Hour Events will create your stores strongest and most lucrative month!

We believe results are about much more than just selling cars and generating gross profit, it is also about maintaining your stores image while keeping your customers satisfied with their overall experience.

“Rush Hour Events has produced over 2.6 million dollars in additional gross for my dealership over the past 3 years.”
Dennis, GM, Ford Store in Pennsylvania

“Our store’s most profitable month in over 40 years was produced by Rush Hour Events in only 8 days.”
Richard, GM, Chevrolet Store in Georgia

“After 6 years of clean, consistent results together, Rush Hour Events is the only company our 28 store organization feels comfortable using for our staffed events.”
Robert, VP, Multi-State, Multi-Franchise Group

Our clients state that Rush Hour Events consistently delivers clean, unrivaled results.

. Rush Hour Events consistently drives one month’s worth of traffic through our clients doors in one week.

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